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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Cici's back!

Life is crazy.
Let’s see. First off happy belated New Year to everybody. I’ve been MIA b/c the house computer hates me and I live in the boonies so no wifi so I’ve been sadly without my lovely Internet and my blogs. I’ll prolly be back in school by the time I post this so let’s get a quick catch up.
First up, my worst fear (of like 2 years lol) of my cousin and my ex fucking and dating was true. It’s crazy cause like if either one had bothered to tell me, I coulda let go hella faster rather than having to look at two people I love like fuck me over. But now, I really could give two fucks cause there was never a need to lie.
Second, apparently, my bestie and I are marked for like a damn threesome cause whenever I come home, dudes are trying smash us both. Neither of us like to share & I’m still a virgin so that’d be weird as hell lol. But nice tries my dudes!
Third, Skittles and I aren’t talking like that anymore. I’m a complex person that I guess most people can’t deal with and they need simpler and I’m not simple. Like I can try as hard as I want and change for a minute but then I’m gonna go back to doing me cause I can’t live a lie. I mean, lately, it’s been harder than ever to just let go but I have to. No way around it. I think it’s lying up late at night and thinking about convos we had or him coming to surprise me and make me feel better. I’ll miss it but aye, we both need to be happy.
Fourth, the Twitter group I was in? Not anymore! I wanted to leave for like 2 weeks before I stopped repping as hard as I was. I just wasn’t feeling being mean to random people anymore or being called a ho or w/e. I mean, I can be a bitch but only to those who deserve it. That’s just how I am.
I’ll be natural for a year on the 10th! Yay!
As for this new year, I guess it’s time to make some changes. I mean, I can’t deal with basic bitches anymore cause I don’t have patience anymore. Fakeness, bullshit, drama, etc all of it can stay on TV and leave me the hell alone! I’m bout to be 20 fucking years old and I can’t keep dealing with shit like a 16 year old would. So here’s my toast to this year: let there be happiness, great times, awesome people, love, romance and just general ups moreso than downs this year. Let it be as awesome and great as it can be because one way or another, it’s gotta be.
Love and peace,

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