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Thursday, January 27, 2011


I've been running around a freaking week doing stuff for various clubs and homework and of course my late night oovoo chats (which I'm not going to talk about for a while yet.) Bday weekend was fun even though one of my friends is mad b/c she thinks we left her out intentionally when we really didn't. :( But I'll leave it in God's hands along w/ my little sis who is missing again. *sigh* I love ya'll I do but it's stressful as hell when everything seems to go wrong at once! But I'm letting it go & praying on it.
Job hunt is back on so I can get off this campus.
My hair is growing! Right now it's in mini twists & has been for like a week. Next week will be the take down. I'm thinking I'm going to flat iron it or something for about 2 to 4 weeks to give it a break from twists and prevent damage. Pics to follow later.
Ok so this update thing didn't really work but I'll do a video one later when I actually have time & I'm not about to starve!

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