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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wifey Type

My view on relationships.
Ok, first things first: if we're talking, we're basically together so why go talking to other females? Yeah, you knew I wasn't enough. If you have an issue w/ how I am, then tell me. Don't "take time" & it only end w/ u talking to someone else b/c you knew you were doing that the whole time. If you just wanna be friends, just be friends and don't let it go any further.
If you're in a relationship, there's no need to advertise your relationship on social networks b/c that'll wreck it. I mean saying wifey and hubby every two weeks to a new dude or girl is lame and annoying. Plus it makes you look like a ho or a dumbass.
In short, a relationship is between two people or if you take it global, use nicknames b/c otherwise, it'll just blow up.
Also, the wifey type. A wifey is that chick that'll go to hell and back for you no matter what. She is your ride or die & supports you when everyone else, walks out on you. She loves you for you no matter what has happened, will happen and may happen and she prays you up to receive your blessings b/c she knows when you're blessed, she's blessed & while ya'll may not stay together forever, she'll still love you.

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