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Monday, August 23, 2010

Welcome back!/DRAMA

So classes started today (my weekend was wayyyy too short but I enjoyed every minute of it!). I have NO cute guys (even though there are more on campus) in my classes so far which works b/c I'll be less shy and more focused. Plus a boo right now is kinda a want not a need.
But the drama continues b/c the same bs that happened before is continuing but not with me. So happy bout that b/c it shows that I wasn't the one in the wrong (go me!) But I don't stress it b/c what's the point of worrying about drama?
Oh, I don't have a boo/bae/baby/babe/anything b/c I realized Huey treats me like I'm always gonna be around which I'm not and Sweetz's occupation is too complex for me right now so single life is where it's at.

Friday, August 13, 2010

The two of us

Durn u NSYNC! That song has me thinkng about this dude that I like. So I guess ya'll should be the first to know, ya girl finna get cuffed (had to slip back into my slang for a sec!) which is weird w/ my commitment issues. *sigh* but he may be worth it.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Do we have anything of our own?

Ok, first off, this post isn't meant to be racist. I'm just looking at TV and I see things like weaves, crazy hairstyles, Afros, etc that were once uniquely African American and criticized for being "ghetto" but now thanks to Lady GaGa and the media, it's all good. For that matter, what about the shape of a Black woman? For years,we've been fat. Kim K comes w/ a lil ass and she's "curvy". Why in America is it bad until another race does it? Why is black or brown dirty but white pure? And why do we get jail time for the smallest things but other races can kill people and get so little time? *sigh*
Another thing that bothers me is ignorance. There is a difference between being a hermphrodite and being transgender and the fact that people don't take the time to understand that annoys me. Herphrodites are born w/ both sex organs and have to either make a choice of being male or female or their parents may make that choice for them. Transgendered people feel like they were born in the wrong body and live their lives as the opposite sex. Either way, the way the person lives their life can have major issues on them and their families. While society doesn't think to do its research, I do.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


As most anybody knows, I don't use a relaxer in my hair. I'm "natural" or I thought I was. According to  a lot of naturals, I'm not natural because I don't use all natural products.....I'm a college student.....I'm broke. I'll use w/e I can to make my hair grow b/c I like to eat and shop too. Smh. Me personally, if I had enough tolerance, patience and understanding, I'd rock some kinky twists or something b/c my fro is having "I wanna piss u all the way off!" moment.
Main point: I'm natural. I'm also someone who uses store products b/c she doesn't have money, time or energy to mix her own products. I also can't keep paying shipping for stuff and that may or may not work.

My skin regimen

So this is my skin. I never really had skin trouble until I got relaxers then I got the most outrageous case of acne which I think now was because of the relaxers. *hmmm* I def had less breakouts when I stretched my relaxers. But for those who are interested in my regimen, here it goes.
1. I was my face w/ either a white or lightly colored wash cloth. Idk why it works but if I have lighter colors for my face and darker for my body, it works.
2. Use L'Oreal 360 Clean face wash. It really gets all the dirt off.
3. Wash off the L'Oreal and then use Clean and Clear 3-n-1 Acne Wash.
4. Wash your face again and then use Proactiv lotion or any lotion that u have for your face.
I follow the same regimen unless I wear makeup. Then I use a mild makeup remover before the L'Oreal and then go with the same regimen.
I have sensitive skin and this regimen works really well for me without the breakouts and skin irritation. Maybe more people should be natural for their facial needs.

Advice for freshmen

Ok so on twitter last night, there was a #TT called Advice for freshmen. I figured that it would be a pretty good monthly post so here it goes. It'll be 6 pretty basic things that freshmen  seem not remember.
1. Don't forget the reason why you're there.
2. Don't stress the little things because in the end they don't matter.
3. If you don't get involved, you won't enjoy the experience.
4. Don't take an online class for math. It's not too good.
5. Budget your refund check and/or job check otherwise you'll be broke sooner than you know.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Where in the world is Lesi?

I've been round the world and back again. *sigh* no really I just took a break from blogging and started back writing poetry. But in other news, my focus is back where it needs to be: on my future w/ or w/o Huey. He's the prototype and he'd be the one but he doesn't feel me like that so it's ok. Being single is just as good as being in a relationship because I don't have the hassle nor am I tied down in a bad relationship.