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Monday, January 17, 2011

Rules for respect pt 1

So as I recap the bday weekend, I've realized a few things.
Dudes who want p u  s s y will NOT hit you up on your birthday if they aren't around you because they sense it's pointelss.
Case 1, dude who was supposed to be my birthday date, got stuck home and in the end, didn't even text me to say happy birthday. But if he had gotten down here, he would've def been like, "Happy birthday boo!"
Case 2, a dude who likes me but who I find like intensely revolting, hit me up asking me to stay the night after I made a tweet about my hormones being fucked up. Like dude, I don't wanna be around you. Your voice annoys me and your face? Makes me wanna drink to see if you look better. I know that's mean but it's true.
But in both of these cases, I've put myself out there like that. I mean, I told old dude to be my bday date so I guess he thought it was gonna pop off and I stayed w/ dude in case 2 b/c I was bored. If I want a dude to respect me, I gotta let em know from the get go, it ain't like that. I thought I did but I guess I hadn't. But here's a few rules about respecting a female.
1. Don't treat her like an offbrand bitch that you only wanna fuck. If you like her, treat her with respect.
2. If she says she wants to take it slow, do not play w/ her while she sleep. She will punch you in her "sleep".
3. Any calls to stay after 11 pm are for booty calls. We are not stupid. We know this.
4. Think about this: treat a female like you'd want your mom, sister, niece, fav cousin, etc treated b/c if you don't, KARMA!
5. Be honest
6. If you're honest w/ a female and it doesn't work out, 99% of the time, y'all will be the best of friends b/c she'll appreciate you.
That's it for now. & yes, I'll be updating it soon.

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