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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Left in the dust

He said he loved me
But at the first sign of a true test,
he ran so fast, the words
skid marks couldn't describe how he left my heart.
And now?
Now, it's supposed to be all ok because aye,
I'm supposed to forgive and forget and move on.
Now hold up!
When did he get me now confused with me then?
Cuz the ride or die chick he left stuck on stupid,
uh, she don't live here anymore
He's just one more in the dust.
He said he needed me.
Life without me wasn't complete and that the wifey type was what he needed.
Nah, bruh, what you needed was someone to care of you and that...ain't me.
Who am I to tell you wtf to do with your life?
I haven't figured my damn self out so how am I supposed to know you?
Put down ya excuses and the fact you slang for a living.
Pick up a book and let ya past go cuz it ain't worth it
Wondering how life coulda been, looking thru cell bars.
Another one left in the dust.
He said he wanted all of me
And then wondered why I laughed and said he'd be gone by layer two.
Baby, I'm complex and the words booby trapped?
They were made to describe my heart.
So now I'm here trying to hide how I feel with my friends
Pitying me which I fucking hate.
I shoulda stuck to how I wanted it to be
A mild flirtation on twitter.
3 cases of someone left in the dust but most importantly,
3 cases of a heart that refuses to give a fuck cause it's simpler not to.
Crazy right?

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