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Monday, February 1, 2010

Question for my dudes

Ok I'm having a little problem understanding guys at the moment and I haven't really ever had this much trouble! Why is it that you say you like someone but the moment they show interest back in you, you run and hide? Or my favorite, telling someone you like them, chilling, telling them you still like them but when they try to be real with you, you kind of dip out. Truthfully, I'm starting to look at other races because they don't seem to be on as much drama as African Americans are. Black males get mad because black females don't date black males. Really?! Why keep stressing myself out over you? I don't really get it. I mean, maybe I should just chill & not worry because I'm so young but that's the point! I'm young & kind of want someone to chill with. Why is so hard for a young, highly intelligent, honest, ambitious female to find a guy? SMH. I hope guys understand that while you can have all the sex you want with a ho, the good females are heading towards other races because of it.

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