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Saturday, February 13, 2010

And it's Valentine's Day eve!

So once again, I'm back on the V-day thing and I'm remembering relationships past & the amount of mistakes made in them. It's like wow! I was so fucked up! It was like I was looking a relationship so bad, I would take them with anyone. I messed up with mad guys and in turn, made it harder for the next girl. For those cases, I'm truly sorry. But the other relationships where we either both screwed up or he did, I'm not worried bout it.
So, right now, I'm kinda chilling on the relationship thing because I'm not psychically or mentally ready for another round of "romance". When I get in a relationship, I want it to be based on mutual interest, attraction & respect. It just needs to be a mutual things because that's how it needs to be.
So to all the people out there with Valentines, be happy but don't just settle for one day. Be a Valentine all year and show that you care & you don't need one day to prove it.
To all the people like me with no Valentine, show those that matter that you appreciate them because they're the ones that will stick with you through it all.

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