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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Valentine's Day

Ok so I'm single for V-day & apparently, I'm supposed to HATE this lil holiday. I don't really. I could care less because quite frankly, I'd rather have my gifts spread out through the year. That's if I get anything. I'm in the mindset of, "I'm gonna do the best for me. If you wanna get me something, go ahead cause otherwise I'm good."
I mean, one of my guy friends didn't even wanna get his girl anything b/c he don't wanna be with her but he tryna get with me. It's amazing how the male mind works. I actually did care about the holiday once & I got a beautiful V-day from my baby (at the time). It was awesome & it makes me sorta miss him.
My big issue is, do we have to be in relationships to enjoy V-day? Makes a girl wonder

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