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Sunday, February 14, 2010


Ok, so Valentine's Day was like any other day and it was fun. But I decided to make a list about how I'm feeling right now about being single and a couple of things I've been noticing.
1. College freshman don't really have time to date
2. There are way too many dudes here that aren't the type for me (i.e. gay, bi, taken, a ho or way too cocky)
3. I like people who are more chill more than a boyfriend
4. If I chill with you, I can have feelings
5. I don't talk to one just guy because of the fact you get too comfortable
6. I kinda like being single
7. I grew up w/ a bunch of male cousins who I've learned from, I'm not the girl to mess with.
8. Trying me is why I'm single

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