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Monday, November 8, 2010

Halloween hair & more

So this is the result of a drunk night + forgetting how to wrap + my hair not liking to be wrapped + a comb + 5 mins to do my hair. It was a pretty Afro tho & a lot of people gave me great feedback so if I decide to do something with heat again, I'll probably blow dry my hair and leave it fluffy.

This is before I rewashed my hair. I love how my hair decided to revert and was like, "Bitch ain't shit you can do bout it!" *sigh* I love BabyLove though. Even if she is all gangsta when she wanna be.


  1. Your puff is huge! I like ;)

  2. LOL thanks! My hair was reverting back after I had flat ironed it. It actually worked w/ my costume