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Sunday, November 14, 2010

B/c I'm avoiding Spanish....ole!

Soooo I don't wanna study.
I figure I'll just do a post up here since ya know, I haven't in a while. Hmm what to say? First off I have a JOB which, while seasonal now, is a) something to put on my resume and b) with hard work may turn into a part time thing which means:  APARTMENT next year :D & I can have my precious *Lord of the Rings voice* car w/ me :DDD
Life is pretty good right now. Can't really complain b/c aye, it's good. Except for the whole Javezz thing. I coulda done w/o that. Oh & ol dude randomly texting me: I wanna cuddle. Negro, I blocked you on facebook and don't text you. Is that enough proof I don't wanna talk to you?!  *sigh* guess not.
The guy front.
Whelp, that's one of those interesting things b/c yes I do have someone I'm interested in. We'll see how it goes b/c w/ my track record, he'll read this and run away screaming.
Hair front.
It's GROWING & is so FLUFFY! :D I love it. It's not too happy w/ me b/c I haven't washed it this week and I went to a party (weed + alcohol near my hair= BAD) so BabyLove is rebelling and itching like hell! Hmmm....that's it for now I guess.

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