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Monday, September 6, 2010

Letter to my ex

Dear G,
It's funny how when I was younger, you were the guy EVERYBODY wanted and I had to have. I remember writing notes and you trying to figure em out. I remember how you used to walk me to class and stay until I hugged you or told you bye. Sneaking on the phone w/ you was pure enjoyment and I loved every second of it. You were amazing and I thought I would be yours forever and the fairy tale wouldn't end.
That changed when my younger cousin entered the picture. We both did some crazy shit through her that fucked us up and when the trust was gone, it was gone. POOF! The magic was over and my eyes cleared to see who you really were: arrogant, selfish, mean spirited, always putting me down in little ways and while you spoiled me, that fucked me up for relationships in the future. In the end it was my fault for always running back to you even when you hurt me. I was stupid enough to think that loving you would make everything better and if I stayed, things wouldn't change. Honestly, I'm glad they changed because you weren't anything but an abusive loser who thought nothing of almost fucking a girl 6 years your junior.
I can say I was stupid to go back but now I see I wasn't the only one. You could charm us and turn us against each other to the point where we didn't want to hear anything another female would say about you. All I know is that now, I can actually be in a functional relationship if I want to and that I don't have to worry about pleasing you or anything. I made the right choice when I chose family over the dick.
Candace Alesia'

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