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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Lesi on relationships pt 2

I have to be for real and admit that it is mainly my fault I don't do well in relationships. I think I have a few reasons.
1. I don't communicate well- I will literally freeze you out rather than talk and regret it. I just can't deal w/ people saying my faults. I'm working on it b/c if I want to have a boo, I have to learn to communicate w/o any toxic words.
2. I don't like people- quite frankly, most people annoy me. Makes dating sort of hard, don't you think?
3. I am not open- I'm OPEN MINDED but when it comes to relationships, you'll rarely get how I really feel and this comes from my past relationships and hurting people with things I said.
4. My past-I have to let it go and realize not all males are like my exes.
5. My "type"- apparently I have D boy only tatted on me. Who knew?
6. I want too much too fast-self explantory
7. My hair- I'm natural. Not changing that for not one of these lil boys.
8. My personality- I really don't care about too much other than being treated w/ respect and most dudes can't deal w/ that.
I can admit I have relationship-phobia and I probably will for a while. But nobody ever said it was easy being Lesi.

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