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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Vent Session: Friendship

If I had a wish
I would go back in time to
Last semester when we became cool
I wouldn't bite my tongue or trip over
Losing a friend
I'd be real and tell you when
Comments you made would hurt to the point
I'd lash out on others and not you.
I'd tell you how when
you made every.single.convo about you in some way,
I stopped telling you things.
How I wondered how you could be so tight with someone
And let one little thing tear it apart.
I'd tell you that it hurt when you were negative about me falling
And it hurt worse than his betrayal.
But see I sucked it up and didn't dwell because aye, we were besties
But now it's to the point where I can't do it anymore
I can't deal with at least 75% of the convo being about you
Ya negativity towards me and others
The fact that everything has to go your way
And the fact that our "friendship"
Our friendship seems to mean so little to you.
I mean I'm far from perfect but when you needed me,
I was there & not those you claim "are down through whatever"
But if you don't care, why should I?
This is one of those times where I let people go and sadly,
you're one of those people

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