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Monday, August 23, 2010

Welcome back!/DRAMA

So classes started today (my weekend was wayyyy too short but I enjoyed every minute of it!). I have NO cute guys (even though there are more on campus) in my classes so far which works b/c I'll be less shy and more focused. Plus a boo right now is kinda a want not a need.
But the drama continues b/c the same bs that happened before is continuing but not with me. So happy bout that b/c it shows that I wasn't the one in the wrong (go me!) But I don't stress it b/c what's the point of worrying about drama?
Oh, I don't have a boo/bae/baby/babe/anything b/c I realized Huey treats me like I'm always gonna be around which I'm not and Sweetz's occupation is too complex for me right now so single life is where it's at.

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