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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My skin regimen

So this is my skin. I never really had skin trouble until I got relaxers then I got the most outrageous case of acne which I think now was because of the relaxers. *hmmm* I def had less breakouts when I stretched my relaxers. But for those who are interested in my regimen, here it goes.
1. I was my face w/ either a white or lightly colored wash cloth. Idk why it works but if I have lighter colors for my face and darker for my body, it works.
2. Use L'Oreal 360 Clean face wash. It really gets all the dirt off.
3. Wash off the L'Oreal and then use Clean and Clear 3-n-1 Acne Wash.
4. Wash your face again and then use Proactiv lotion or any lotion that u have for your face.
I follow the same regimen unless I wear makeup. Then I use a mild makeup remover before the L'Oreal and then go with the same regimen.
I have sensitive skin and this regimen works really well for me without the breakouts and skin irritation. Maybe more people should be natural for their facial needs.

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