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Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I'm over the drama. I hate it. It's wacc and high school. I don't have time for the he said/ she said bullshit b/c it leads to more drama. College has lead to a whole new level of drama. High school was just a precursor to college when it's a bigger place to start drama and have bigger rumors. It's too much and "it hurts me soul" (Lupe Fiasco). That being said, it's over.
Next item, the Kid aka KP. He's the most different guy I've ever met. He challenges me to do better b/c I wanna be the girl he wants to date. I don't even like relationships like that but with him, it's different. Babezz (aka the ex) def is trying to come bacc into my life and he's cool but there's too much history.But I digress.
My hair is def growing tho. It's so cute! Loving my lil styles. Pics are def on the next step (gotta figure out how to do it tho!) I'm going to start my dreads next year tho. Hoping I get this license and a car. :-D. Life is good tho

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