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Friday, March 5, 2010


So I'm waiting for my cousin to come get me and I've been thinking about my ex. Yes my ex that broke my heart, trust and family. I loved that dude for years and he just up and threw it away. I wasn't perfect b/c I was nagging bitch a lot of the time but for him to at the very least emotionally cheat with my thirteen year old cousin is bullshit. And now, he has one kid on the way...bitch got pregnant while me and him was "talking". He swears he didn't fuck her but then again, he lies.
The sad part of the story is, I miss the way he and I used to be. He was my best friend and at one time, the love of my life. I think he's the reason I try to give people so many chances: I'm screwed up I think. Maybe one day, I'll actually learn my lesson and let it go.

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