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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Understand Me

If you took the time and looked deeper,
Maybe you could understand me.
No, not the one everyone else sees
But who I really am.
Past the wildness
The IDGAF attitude,
the public persona
If you just understood that I've been hurt one too many times
And can't trust.
The crazy female that loves dancing and enjoys the sweet
Random things even if they're girly as hell like dancing in the rain
The real me
Candace-the smart one who never backs down even when I should.
Alesia'- the random one who'll break out in song and dance at the drop of a hat.
Cici-shy but wild. Wishing for a better life and striving for it.
Almond Joy-Sensation to the max.
Lesi-great friend and listener.
All of these are me.
I am the girl who makes mistakes but learns from em.
If you took the time to look,
Past all the hype and see me, you'd see someone real and beautiful
Unfortunately, you don't understand

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