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Tuesday, June 1, 2010


"Moment of honesty/someone's got to take the lead tonight/who's it gonna be?"
I haven't felt like this in a long time and tonight I'm gonna tell you how I feel
I was feeling you from day one. Tried to change for you and make everything gravy
But for some reason I could never understand, you couldn't see I was standing there for you
I can't keep waiting for the unthinkable to happen because while I
Wait for you, you can't take a second to think about or wait for me
See you want the ho who's gonna take a good person like you and crush you
Maybe that's what you want but that's not who I am
It's unthinkable that who I am isn't good enough for what you want
It's unthinkable that the amount of time I put in, ain't the amount of honesty I get back
It's unthinkable that you, aren't the person you make yourself seem
"I was wondering could I make you my baby if we do the unthinkable"
But I don't wanna do the unthinkable because I can't waste my time
Waiting on something that won't happen
So the unthinkable for me and you is to walk away and try to stay calm
Because for me, the unthinkable happened the day you
Stopped being you.

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