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Sunday, April 4, 2010

& this is when we all grow up!

Ok so today was a total good day: no drama, fights or anything until about 5 o'clock when I proceed to get fussed out by my lil cousin. Um....-_- did anybody tell this lil girl that I'll catch a case if it means beating her down?! Don't lie on me one and don't proceed to step to me like you my age b/c I will beat you like you my age and dare you to do something about it. One thing about me, anger + me= bad as hell. So I text my ex who's part of this problem and tell him that we should only communicate when it's necessary.
He flips the fuq out! This nigga actually calls me a bad friend! Hold up, here's the posts:

for quite a while now...i've been doing nothin but being a good friend for and to you....i've been there for you almost every time you've needed me and now you are gonna treat me like this...like i do you so wrong or whatever...or because i start to much crap with you...? cool alesia ...i really could care less because this isn't the first time you've kicked me out your life...but this is all i have left to say to you... i hope whatever promblems you have get worse and i hope everything that is going righht in your life ends up going more wrong then the worst...you suck...you are not a good friend...and whatever you think bad about me i really could care less...you suck...you will end up sad and alone...and everyone you think cares about you will fuck you over...bye
yea bullshit...fuck all that...i never needed you and i don't need you...i just enjoyed your company but whateva...i could really care less...don't need you or anyone else who is really all about themselves so bye

I was upset, no lie. I actually had fallen in love with this boy and wanted to be with him. I was with him through some difficult times. Then I started thinking. This is the same dude that fuqed me over in the first place! He talks shit bout his girl but won't leave her alone and keeps giving me excuses about shit. I don't give two flying fuqs anymore about him or my damn lil cousin. I'm 19 years old. I'm in like with these amazing guys and I'm working hard to do my best. What kind of person wishes bad on someone simply b/c they were trying to be a nice friend and avoid drama? GROW THE FUQ UP! Ugh! This is why in my world, bitch ass people like this would disappear. SMH. When will we learn that by saying things to hurt others, we hurt ourselves?

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