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Saturday, December 19, 2009


According to what myspace and facebook say, I'm average. Average height and weight; average looks and average intelligence. But I say I'm not average at least not in my eyes. My parents don't really understand my choice to go natural. My dad says my hair is nappy and my mom can't understand that I have to find different styles to work. My dad also says that with me wanting a big chop, I'm probably a lesbian. *sigh* That's upsetting. I really feel kinda down because I simply am not average. I'm above average. True, I can't find a good style that provides moisture and is cute but really, I can't help it. It's not an excuse either because all my mom wanted to do was braid my hair and never really taught me how to do it. I'm working on it but truthfully, I want my people to research and shut up before they decide to comment on my hair. How can my parents say their proud African Americans when they don't appreciate what God gave us? I'm far from average because I'm beautiful and I appreciate the beauty God gave me.

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