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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Who Am I?

For as long as I've posted, I don't ever think I've thought of this question. To myself, I'm simply Candace Alesia'. Smartass, smart, funny, genuine, caring, passionate, crazy, wild, lover of arts. I don't see myself in terms of Democratic or Republican, Black or white, natural, relaxed, etc. I CAN'T deal with myself in terms like that. How do we live in a world that makes us see each other in such terms?
I wonder a lot about religion. I believe in God but does that make me a Christian? If I do, does that mean I condemn others who don't believe in what I do or love how I love? I just wonder....if we say God and Jesus are love, how can we kill in the name of God? How in the world can we live in a world where we condemn people who love the same gender but let child molesters or pedophiles walk the Earth with not convictions? I just don't get it. 
I worry about the future that my nieces will inherit as well as what I'm going to receive when I graduate. How is it that I can't find a job but all these people out here can smoke and drink and lie and have great jobs? I just wonder.
I wonder why I have to be a Greek member of the Elite Eight because Iotas get no love? I'm not trying to conform to someone else ideals of what a woman or a lady is just to not know or personally have a relationship with my Sohors (NOT sisters) just to have an advantage in the end.
In short, I am a woman, a sister, a aunt, a daughter, someone's future wife, an intelligent young lady striving for Christ. I am also Candace Alesia' M. & I will be until I die. 

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