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Friday, December 10, 2010

Fashion and Lesi + randomness

I don't do fashion. Like I really have no style sense so if you see me, I'm in jeans and a shirt. Something comfortable. I mean, I've never had time to do anything else sooooo here goes.
I'm trying new things. One of these things will be my fashion choices. No more of all one color & more things that fit my personality so no more plain ish just more stuff that fits me. Like bright things that catch your eye but not OUTRAGEOUS stuff....I'm also working on my anger & communication issues b/c if I don't, I'm going to blow a few people up.
That chick.
She keeps trying me. Like tryna insinuate that I'd want her sloppy seconds? That I'm as grimy as she? Nope. Ima bitch among a few other things but there's no way in hell that I'd do that to someone I'd called my bestie. Fuck that! But aye, I said what I said and I'm moving on.
Love life.
Up in the air. I'm a control freak who doesn't really communicate well and he's a laid back dude who doesn't see my need to freak out over everything. He says don't change but if I don't, I'll be a mess and no body wants a mess! *sigh* I'm trying to do better tho.

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