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Thursday, July 8, 2010


I'm gonna be honest & it straight up: I'm one of the most outspoken people for Black rights. I know the history behind why the government hates the Black Panther party & leads us to believe that gangs were made to destroy our people. But I digress. Normally, I'm like anybody else who just blogs about their life, hair, clothes, boys, etc but tonight I'm just plain pissed.
If you hadn't heard about Oscar Grant, he was a convicted felon that apparently was resisting arrest but was facedown, handcuffed with three officers surrounding him. One of those officers shot him although "it was an accident". Here's what gets me: THIS GOES BEYOND RACE! What will happen when those who look different are punished for looking different? Who wait, already happening! We as America are letting people get deported because they look a certain ethnicity and let a man who shot a man in cold blood, get off with 2-4 years? But wait. Mike Vick is punished for FUNDING a dog fighting ring & gets more years than a murderer? Then there are the people on death row being killed because no one wants to risk their careers for trying to prove their innocence. We care more about the "Illuminati" (just stop listening to the music duh!), Kat Stacks (don't discuss her & she'll cease to be of importance), or Lebron James's decision (who cares?) than the state of our community. This is more depressing  than the 70s & 80s. When will we wake up and realize that slowly, our community is being torn down.

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